Arms of Telos is a new kind of competitive first person shooter.

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"Arms of Telos is a fast 5v5 FPS with the ambitious aim of 'rethinking the competitive first person shooter.'"

— Melody, Rock Paper Shotgun

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You've never moved like this

Zero Gravity

This is zero gravity with true six degrees of freedom -- that means you're not merely above or below your opponents, you're all around them. Add indoor areas with gravity and special magnetic surfaces and you get the most varied movement system in a first person shooter to date.

Fast Speeds

These aren't bugs we're exploiting, this is a movement system designed from the ground up to be fast and fun. Use tools like the Grapple Hook to gain and keep your speed as you race through the map at blistering speeds. There's even drifting.

New Capture The Flag

All these movement options are designed around a fresh new variant of the classic CTF game mode. More details on how this innovative new game mode works coming soon!

"Upcoming multiplayer FPS Telos looks incredibly fun..."

— Jeffrey Matulef, Eurogamer


New weapons that challenge long-standing genre archetypes. We think first person shooters should be more than pointing and shooting.

Equipment might not do damage directly, but it has a huge impact on the match and can totally change how you play.

Your Kit consists of 2 weapons and 2 equipment. Mix and match to craft the perfect Kit for your playstyle. Go in with something well-rounded or specialize your Kit for a specific strategy.

Cater your Kit to specific roles like flag capper, defense, offense, midfield support, or craft your own. No pre-defined classes here.

Vibrant art style that is colorful, clean, and surreal.

With Challenges, you can take a break from combat in-between matches or practice offline. Learn to master the movement system, perfect your flag routes, and compete on the leaderboards.

"More First Person Shooters Like This Please."

— Mark Serrels, Kotaku Australia


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